July 14, 2020 – National Grand Marnier Day | National Tape Measure Day

Transcript from July 14th

Welcome to July 14th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  I’m John McClain sitting in for Marlo Anderson and today we celebrate the height of class and a tool that comes in handy.   More after the break from Anna Devere.

Everything about the orange flavored liqueur that we know as Grand Marnier signifies class, elegance and distinction.  It was first produced by Alexander Marnier-Lapostolle using Bigarade oranges from the Caribbean, fine cognac and sugar syrup then aged in oak casks.  The process took nearly ten years to perfect and the superior results have been celebrated ever since its 1880 debut. Also known as Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge for the red ribbon that adorns the bottle this illustrious liqueur has been served around the globe from the Ritz Hotel in Paris to Queen Elizabeth the II’s Golden Jubilee and even set sail aboard the RMS Titanic.  To this day a new bottle is purchased every two seconds. On National Grand Marnier Day, celebrate the spirit of class that adorns the heart of cocktails and desserts that are graced with this truly grand liqueur. 

Anna: Are you measuring the studio?

John: Yep. I’m looking to renovate so it looks good when Marlo is back. 

Anna: Can’t you wait to do that until we’re done recording? 

John: Anna, it’s National Tape Measure Day and I figured it was a good time to do this since we’re redoing the studio. Did you know that James Chesterman patented a steel measuring tape in 1829?

Anna: I did not. 

John: Yep. And it cost the equivalent of $300 in today’s world. 

Anna: So how much was the one you have there?

John [click and tape measure snapping back]: A lot less. [pause] Also, I think we might need to knock out that wall.

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