July 12, 2020 – National Pecan Pie Day| National Different Colored Eyes Day

Transcript for July 12th

Welcome to July 12th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate sweet beginnings that sometimes pack a punch.  More after the break from Anna Devere.

Pecan Pie has been a Southern favorite since the 1800s, though its contemporary counterpart serves up a bit of intrigue. It all began with a simple custard of sugar, eggs, nuts, sweet milk and flour in a recipe published as Texas Pecan Pie.  A form of this pie was made in Louisiana in the early 1800s but this Texas version was published in 1897 and folks began copying it ever since.  Then in the 1930s a certain wife of a corn syrup executive was said to have discovered a new use for corn syrup when she created the recipe that is now printed on every bottle of Karo syrup.  It might not be an actual conspiracy but this pie is certainly popular as the ultimate way to satisfy a sweet tooth.  On National Pecan Pie Day celebrate your own traditional recipe that sums up the phrase “sweet as pie.” 

At age 15, David Bowie and his friend were both love-struck over the same girl. They were so enamored of her that they got into a fight over it and started throwing punches. Bowie was hit in the eye hard enough that it left him with permanent damage. That injury, however, gave him his most recognizable physical trait: Different colored eyes. From that day on, his right eye was blue, while his left appeared brown, which added to his mysterious persona. The condition called heterochromia can be caused by genetics, medical conditions—or in Bowie’s case, injury. It’s a rare condition and definitely makes anyone stand out in a crowd. On National Different Colored Eyes Day, keep an eye out for people with this striking feature. And do your best to avoid fist fights.

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