January 8, 2021 – National Bubble Bath Day | National English Toffee Day

Welcome to January 8th, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the frothy side of life and a break from tradition.

We all need a well deserved break now again and a tub filled with bubbles may be just the thing.  But did you know the man behind Mr. Bubble was a well known workaholic?   Harold Schafer from Stanton, North Dakota spent his early days trying just about everything for work from candling eggs, to shoveling snow but found his niche in sales.  In 1942 he started the Gold Seal Company in his basement where he typed his own labels for floor wax.  With a modest profit he continued to develop products that eventually landed national attention, including Mr. Bubble in 1961.   It’s still the number one brand of bath products today, though Mr. Schafer threw in the towel in 1986 and spent the rest of his days as a beloved philanthropist.  On National Bubble Bath Day, enjoy a break from the every day grind.

Fans of English toffee may be surprised to learn that the treat they’ve enjoyed all these years isn’t toffee at all. Hang on, let me explain. Most of the English toffee we eat in America is actually buttercrunch. So what’s the difference? It’s all about the ingredients. Toffee in England uses brown sugar in its recipe, but the buttercrunch we make in the United States is made with white sugar. Also, we often add nuts and other flavorings, while our British friends do not. Then why do we call this treat English toffee? Maybe it’s because it just sounds more posh. No matter which recipe you prefer, on National English Toffee Day celebrate the sweet, buttery crunch found on both sides of the pond.  

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