January 6, 2021 – National Cuddle Up Day | National Technology Day

Did You Know That Most Of The Technology We Enjoy Today Had It’s Critics? Yep, Even Trains, Planes and Automobiles Were Not To Be Trusted!

Welcome to January 6th, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate staying cozy and talking tech.

If you think you’re cold this winter, try living in Antarctica. In winter, the wind chills can plunge to minus 76°F. One of the only animals who can survive in this climate is the Emperor Penguin and they do it by cuddling together. Their system is simple; one penguin stands in place, surrounded by its friends who protect it from the cold wind. Then, that penguin steps out and another takes its turn in the warm center of the circle. They keep rotating until everyone gets a chance to be nice and cozy. On National Cuddle Up Day snuggle up with someone you love, and be glad it doesn’t take a village to stay warm.

Everything from the invention of the wheel to your smartphone can be considered technology. History is shaped by these gadgets and achievements, and no matter how far into the future you daydream, if you can imagine it, someone will create it.  I myself have ridden in flying cars, toyed around with drones and seen countless apps that make everyday life better.  But there are still some who consider technology dangerous.  When you put this in context, it’s not uncommon for people to be skeptical of new inventions.  Everything from railroads to cars to electricity were protested and derided back in their day.  On National Technology Day we celebrate the wonders that advance our world and keep us a buzz with food for thought.   

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