January 4, 2021 – National Spaghetti Day | National Trivia Day

What’s Your Favorite Way To Top Spaghetti?

Welcome to January 4th, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate noodling around and nerding out. More after the break.

On top of spaghetti all covered with cheese was first sung by folk singer Tom Glazer in 1963, but on National Spaghetti Day, we invite you to pick the sauce or optional meatballs, as this day is all about the noodles! The long, thin cylindrical pasta gets its name from the Italian word spaghetto, or the diminutive of spago, meaning “thin string” or “twine.”  But it’s not Italy’s favorite pasta as you might think.  That distinction goes to Americans who hold the world record for largest bowl of spaghetti: a California swimming pool filled with 13,000 pounds.  Enough spaghetti is sold each year in the United States to circle the globe 9 times.  And while we make up folk songs and ways to play with our food, on National Spaghetti Day we are also slurping it up with pleasure.  

Who was the only unmarried president of the United States? The answer in a bit. If you’ve ever attended quiz night at a local pub, you know how exciting trivia can be. There’s a thrill that comes from knowing that a seemingly useless piece of information holds the key to winning a game. Even in the early days of television, trivia was all the rage. Quiz shows were so popular that when news broke about cheating on the shows, it became national news and Congress held hearings to get to the bottom of things. And now for the answer to today’s trivia question: James Buchanan, our 16th president. Not only was he unmarried, he’s also the only president to have been born in Pennsylvania. Celebrate National Trivia Day being a know-it-all by sharing this, or any other random facts.

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