January 29, 2023 – National Corn Chip Day | National Puzzle Day

This Favorite Snack Food Was Discovered On A Road Trip.

Welcome to January 29th, 2023 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate corny legends and puzzling pastimes. 

Some say the story of corn chips began on a road trip.  In 1932 Elmer Doolin was traveling through San Antonio, TX where he discovered a local favorite called friotes.  Elmer bought the recipe from a man who wanted to quit the corn chip business. Little did he know it would be the best 100 dollars he ever spent.  Doolin perfected them in his mother’s kitchen and started selling the chips from the back of his Model T.  But sales really took off when his mom Daisy came up with a recipe campaign called Cooking with Fritos.  This led to a partnership with Herman Lay and today Fritos are a corn chip legend.  On National Corn Chip Day enjoy your own favorite chips!  

Putting together a puzzle is a fun way to spend a quiet day indoors. Of course, depending on the number of pieces, it can get frustrating. 100 pieces? Piece of cake. 500 pieces? A bit of a challenge. 1000 pieces? Now we are getting a little crazy. But, let’s put things into perspective. According to the Guinness Book Of Records, the most pieces ever used in a single puzzle is 551,232. It took 1,600 students in Vietnam around 17 hours to put it together. When completed, it measured over 48 by 76 feet and it depicted a lotus flower with 6 petals. No word whether there were any pieces missing. On National Puzzle Day, cozy up with your own beautiful challenge.

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day! 

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