January 28, 2021 – National Kazoo Day | National Have Fun At Work Day

How Do You Have Fun At Work?

Welcome to January 28th, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate fun at work and humming along.

Anna: You know what job sounds amazing to me?  Food critic.  Can you imagine taking a tour of the very best restaurants and eating to your heart’s content?

Marlo: Are you thinking about a career change?

Anna: No, no.  I’m just realizing that it’s National Have Fun at Work Day and thinking that must be pretty easy when you have a job like that.  Like how about movie critic?  How fun would that be?

Marlo:  We have fun at work don’t we?

Anna:  Oh, yeah, yeah.  I’m not complaining.  You guys are a blast.  But what about spa critic.  Traveling to exotic places and getting all those relaxing services.  Ahhh.

Marlo: I’m sensing a pattern here.

John: I think she’s trying to tell us something, Marlo.

Anna: Shhhh, I’m having fun at work…

In 1924 the jazz band The Mound City Blue Blowers had a big hit with their song Arkansas Blues. The lead singer William Red McKenzie, had a cool onstage personality, charming audiences wherever he performed. But the instruments he and the rest of the band played were a bit unconventional.  There was a banjo,  a comb, a kazoo, a suitcase, and a broom. It’s not often that a kazoo steals the spotlight from the rest of the band. Dick Slevin, the kazoo player, even had kazoo solos on a few of their records. Nowadays, this overlooked instrument has become nothing more than a kids’ toy, but for a few years back in the early days of Jazz, the kazoo was the toast of the town. On National Kazoo Day, break out one of these instruments and see what all the buzz was about. 

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day! 

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