January 23, 2021 – National Handwriting Day | National Pie Day

What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Pie?

Welcome to January 23rd, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate handy work and hometown flavor.

Before the invention of the printing press, the only way to get a copy of a book was to duplicate it by hand. During the Middle Ages, monks worked for hours at a time to reproduce the Bible, history books, and countless other volumes that might have been lost over time. Rooms called Scriptoriums were set up with rows and rows of desks, where they worked in a production line to complete text after text. This massive undertaking undoubtedly caused more than its fair share of cramped hands. So think of that the next time you gripe about taking meeting notes by hand. On National Handwriting Day, we celebrate the lost art of writing longhand and how it might have saved Western learning.

Our feelings about pie are tied to the places we call home.  If you’re from England this means the savory kind with some kind of stewed meat and spices, but in America pie is dessert. And it’s not just one of those “driving on the wrong side of the street” differences.  When Mark Twain wrote A Tramp Abroad after traveling through Europe, he made a list of all the foods he would eat upon returning to his home in America: apple pie, peach pie, pumpkin pie, and squash pie.  And to drive the point home, his recipe for English pie went as follows: “Construct a bullet proof dough, fill with stewed dried apples aggravated with cloves, then solder on the lid and set in a safe place till it petrifies.  Serve cold at breakfast and invite your enemy.”  Things have certainly improved since 1880, but one thing is sure, on National Pie Day folks will celebrate with their own flavor of home.   

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