January 19, 2021 – National Slow Cooker Day | National Popcorn Day

Can You Imagine The Movies Without Popcorn? Believe It Or Not One Guy Took A Big Chance To Put Popcorn Machines In His Theatres.

Welcome to January 19th, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate food that cooks itself and a snack with celebrity status.

In 1800s Lithuania, Jewish families would put food in pots each Friday before sundown, then take them to the bakeries in town. Because the Sabbath prohibited actively cooking anything, Jewish people used the ovens, which were still hot, to slowly cook the food for them overnight.  And on Saturday morning, they’d have a fully prepared stew. This old idea was brought into the modern era in 1971 when Rival produced the crock pot. In the first year of its release, the company logged $2 million in sales. By 1975, that number rose to almost $95 million. Since then, it’s become a fixture in households around the world. During National Slow Cooker Month, enjoy the convenience of a hot home-cooked meal that’s ready for you when you get home.

Early Spanish explorers were fascinated by the small white flower that would burst from a heated kernel of corn, but it wasn’t until the late 1800s that popcorn took off. That’s when Candy store owner, Charles Cretors, developed a steam machine for popping corn. He sold the snack from horse drawn wagons in the streets of Chicago, and around this time a new confection was popping up. The 1908 anthem Take Me Out To The Ballgame knocked Cracker Jacks into the stratosphere. Then in 1938, Glen Dickson decided to take a gamble on installing the expensive machine in his movie theatres, and popcorn became a home run. National Day Calendar and National Popcorn Day will forever be linked as January 19th also marks our 8th anniversary of bringing you the National Days.

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