January 12, 2021 – National Curry Chicken Day | National Marzipan Day

Did You Know That Chicken Curry Has An Alias?

Welcome to January 12th, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate exotic birds and playing with your food.

Country Captain is a chicken curry dish with a long association to the American South.  But just when did this marriage of exotic spices and humble chicken take place?  We know that Britain’s longtime presence in India gave them a taste for curry’s spicy mix of cumin, coriander, ginger garlic and turmeric. Country Captain was served aboard British trading ships, with the word “country” referring to things indigenous to India.  This food sailed west to the ports of Charleston and Savannah and eventually became a favorite of Franklin D. Roosevelt and General George Patton.  It was even added to the United States Army’s Field Ration Menu because Patton loved it so much.  On National Curry Chicken Day we celebrate 

the happy union that lasted for ages.

During the Middle Ages, marzipan made its way from the Middle East to Europe, where it was sold in pharmacies. Doctors even recommended it for treating physical and mental ailments.  Marzipan became a favorite amongst the royalty, who couldn’t resist this candylike cure. What made it so appealing was that the paste made from almonds, sugar and water was easy to mold and could be used for decorating desserts. Today marzipan is baked into breads and shaped into everything from fruits and flowers to animals.  If you received a marzipan pig on New Year’s Day, count yourself lucky for this omen of good fortune.  On National Marzipan Day we celebrate the treat that lets you play with your food. 

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