Jan 20 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day | National Cheese Day on National Day Calendar. Why is today special?

Listen to the amazing stories of Martin Luther King Jr. Day & National Cheese Day on Jan 20 as told by the Founder of National Day Calendar, Marlo Anderson.

Jan 20 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day National Cheese Day on National Day Calendar

What Special Day Is Today?

Why Is Today Special?

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Welcome to January 20 on The National Day Calendar

Today, we pay an homage to fromage and the man behind one of the greatest speeches of all time.

Cheese, glorious cheese is celebrated today in all it’s forms from crumbles to curds and strings of oozy melted bliss that make everything taste better.

The legend supposes that when milk was transported in a sheep stomach pouch enzymes and jostling produces the curds and whey that inspired the process of cheese making.

First recorded in 5500 B.C.E., this process is now perfected to over 1400 varieties that we enjoy today.

It’s OK to get cheesy as you rhapsodize over your favorite flavor on National Cheese Day.

Martin Luther King Jr. was once called the apostle of non violence by President Johnson for his commitment to using civil disobedience throughout his legendary service.

Leading an exemplary life as a clergyman activist and leader of the civil rights movement Dr King is perhaps best known for his I Have A Dream speech given before 200,000 at a march on Washington DC for jobs and freedom.

Hundreds of streets throughout our country still bear this Nobel peace prize recipients name and on Martin Luther King Jr. Day we honor the spirit of a man who’s voice still echoes that dream today.

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