February 4, 2023 – National Create A Vacuum Day | National Thank A Mail Carrier Day

Some Jobs Are Harder Than They Look.

Welcome to February 4th, 2023 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate being under pressure and exemplary service, even in fowl play. 

Anna: Have you heard of a tardigrade, Marlo?

Marlo: I have no idea.

Anna: Also known as the water bear, they’re super small animals can survive in the harshest conditions of heat and cold.  They are found near volcanoes and the bottom of the ocean and it turns out they are even found in a vacuum in space.  Do you know how a vacuum in space occurs?

Marlo: I thought it was already a vacuum.

Anna: No, a vacuum is created when the pressure inside a space is lower than the pressure outside the area.  Do you know how to do this at home Marlo?

Marlo: Of course not.

Anna:  You can do this with a syringe, by pulling back on the stopper and creating a space that is free of matter.

Marlo: Oh, interesting. Why are you telling me all these useless facts, you’re making my head hurt.

Anna: I’m celebrating National Create A Vacuum Day. Did it work?

John: Watch out Mr. Dyson.

Benjamin Franklin founded the United States Postal Service in 1775. Since then mail carriers have been getting the job done for more than two centuries, delivering letters in the trillions.  This may sound easy, except that it’s not. In 2017 the normal delivery route in Rocky River, Ohio was plagued by an army of ruffians; a gang of ten wild turkeys. The mail carriers were pecked and swarmed as they tried to deliver mail and service to more than 30 homes was disrupted for several weeks.  With the help of the Ohio Wildlife Division, loud noises scared off the birds and the postal workers delivered the mail once again. On National Thank A Mail Carrier Day we celebrate a job well done that happens come rain or shine or fowl play.

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day! 

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