February 23, 2020 – National Dog Biscuit Day | National Banana Bread Day

Transcript for February 23rd

Welcome to February 23rd on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate elevated Scooby Snacks and sublime save of a rotten fruit.   More after the break from our founder, Marlo Anderson.

Folks around the world celebrate their pooches today with the tiny token of a job well done – the dog biscuit.  It seems we are united in our canine love and fully embrace their love language with “the treat” which needs no translation.  Why not indulge your best friend in a bakery biscuit or better yet, bake your own for a full immersion of their extraordinary senses.  On National Dog Biscuit Day it’s ok to fuss over the furry friends who make their own contribution to world peace. 

Few recipes are as deliciously successful at using up spoiled ingredients as the classic “waste not want not” baked good, banana bread.  The first known batch was made in the States in 1893 by The Vienna Model Bakery, who produced banana flour by drying and grinding the fruit.   But it was during the Great Depression that the true genius of using overripe bananas in quickbread was discovered with the rise of the heavy lifting ingredient: baking soda!  On National Banana Bread Day celebrate our tradition of thrift with your own favorite recipe for this staple with staying power.

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