Feb 8 – National Boy Scouts Day | National Kite Flying Day on National Day Calendar. Why is today special?

Listen to the amazing stories of National Boy Scouts Day & National Kite Flying Day on Feb 8 as told by the Founder of National Day Calendar, Marlo Anderson.

Feb 8 – National Boy Scouts Day National Kite Flying Day on National Day Calendar

Transcript for February 8th

Welcome to February 8th on the National Day Calendar.

Today we celebrate the ripple effect inspired by nature and young boys.

More after the break from our founder, Marlo Anderson.

What Special Day Is Today?

Why Is Today Special?

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If your heartbeat quickens to the song “Let’s go fly a kite…” you are likely enthralled by the natural wonder of wind that motivated early kite makers back in 470 BCE.

Whether it was leaves waving in the breeze, the full belly of ship sails or even their hats taking flight, the Chinese were inspired to lash bamboo covered in silk for ceremonies & tools that sent messages & spied on enemies.

Today kites can dip, twist and dive for pure entertainment & the simple joy of watching them propels us to get outside & celebrate National Kite Flying Day.   

On a foggy day in London an American newspaperman, William Dickson Boyce, became lost & was assisted by a Boy Scout, who brought him safely to his destination.

When Boyce offered the scout payment, the boy refused, explaining that it was a good deed.

Impressed by this act of service, Boyce organized similar youth groups into one organization & on February 8, 1910, the Boy Scouts of America was born.

Since then the Scouting Program has produced many United States Presidents, 181 astronauts & merit badges signifying good deeds in the millions.

On National Boy Scouts Day we honor those accomplishments & the ripple effect they continue to inspire.

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