December 6, 2020 – National Pawnbrokers Day | St. Nicholas Day

Do You Know The Real Life Inspiration For Santa Claus?

Welcome to December 6th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the spirit of giving in public or in secret.

National Pawnbrokers Day honors the ancient practice of lending money in exchange for property or goods used as security. The history of pawnbroking began thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece, Rome and China. This valuable service took on a charitable nature when the Pawn Broker’s Association renamed the celebration Musical Instrument Gift Day.  Inspired by the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, pawnbrokers across the country now make generous donations of musical instruments to organizations in need. 

Saint Nicholas, the real life inspiration for Santa Claus, was born around the year 280 AD in what is now known as Turkey. His parents died when Nicholas was very young, leaving him with a large inheritance. Rather than spend it all on himself, Nicholas used the money to help those less fortunate than him. As an adult, he became a bishop and was known for his generosity and kindness, especially toward children and the poor. After his death, his legend grew. Children who left their shoes out by the fire would awake to find money or candy inside and this inspired the tradition of leaving out stockings for Santa. On St. Nicholas Day, surprise your family with this extra day of sneaky present giving.  Though if you dry your shoes by a fire, you may wanna avoid filling them with chocolates. 

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