December 28, 2020 – National Card Playing Day | National Short Film Day

Do You Know What The Highest Payout For A Single Poker Tournament Was? Makes You Wanna Practice Your Bluffing!

Welcome to December 28th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the illustrious beginnings of our favorite pastimes.

A standard pack of cards may be used for playing a variety of games, some of which are played for money. It’s said that the game of poker, which originated in Louisiana is a derivative of the game of dominos which dates back a few thousand years.  What’s common to both games is the art of bluffing.  Even the best poker players in the world only have a 5 percent advantage over other players and thus bluffing is what makes the game most interesting. The earliest games like Texas Hold’em were played for gold nuggets or dust and while it’s hard to calculate the winnings of those hands, the most lucrative tournament in modern times was won by Antonio Esfandari who took home a record $18.35 million.  On National Card Playing Day you may wanna bone up on your bluffing. 

We all love cheering on our favorite movies at the award shows.  But how often have you paid attention to the category of short films?  When you watch the Academy Awards, are you tempted to go grab some popcorn as they announce the winners in this category?  Then perhaps you’ll be interested to know that we owe a huge thanks to a short film called “Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory,” which made its debut in 1895 at the Grand Cafe in Paris. The movie was only a few minutes long and showed workers going home at the end of their shift. The 10 people in the audience that day became the first ever to view a motion picture in a theater and the rest, as they say, is history.  On National Short Film Day, we celebrate this one small clip and the giant leap forward for the movie making industry. 

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