December 27, 2020 – National Car Donation Month | National Fruitcake Day

Do You Have A Few Unwanted Items Lying Around After The Holidays? One Of Them May Be A Tax Donation.

Welcome to December 27th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate gaudy cakes and a new life for old jalopies.

More charitable donations are made in December than in any other month. Yes, it’s probably because people need a tax deduction, but it also comes at a time of the year when some folks need help the most. Even if money is tight, you can still make a difference by donating an old or unused vehicle during National Car Donation Month. The car doesn’t even have to run and the charities make it as simple as possible for you to donate. And if you don’t have a car to give away, you can still help to raise awareness of this charitable act. Spread the word on Facebook and Instagram. And if your neighbor still doesn’t take the hint, you can etch “Donate Me” in the dirt on the windshield of his old jalopy.

This time of year our love for goodies may be fading, but one treat is still alive and celebrating, the fruitcake.  That’s because they are built to last. In the early 1700s these dense cakes were baked during harvest time and loaded with nuts and fruits. But they were saved until the following year as a ritual for ensuring the next season’s bounty.  Fruitcakes also had quite a reputation for being sinfully rich. Queen Victoria was said to have waited a whole year after receiving one for her birthday before eating it, just to show proper restraint and dignity.  But if your fruitcake has become a holiday joke, that gets re-gifted only to get tossed, perhaps you haven’t tasted a truly delicious one.  On National Fruitcake Day, make a pledge to find a good recipe next year. That way when it’s the first thing you eat, people will think you’re as nutty as a fruitcake.   

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