December 25, 2020 – A’phabet Day | Christmas Day

How Many Christmas Puns Do You Know?

Welcome to December 25th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate holiday puns and the twists and turns of Christmas. More after the break.

Marlo: Happy A’phabet Day!

Anna: It’s pronounced “Alphabet”.

Marlo: No. A’phabet. It’s the word “alphabet,” but with no L. Get it? Noel. Like Christmas.

Anna: Ah. So it’s bad pun day?

Marlo: Yep. Today, while you’re enjoying the festivities, see how many puns you can slip into conversations.

Anna: I want to enjoy the day, not listen to puns, Marlo.

Marlo: Anna, did you know I bought my son a refrigerator for Christmas? I can’t wait to see his face light up when he opens it.

Anna: Ugh.

Marlo: Yule be sorry if you don’t attend my Christmas party this year.

Anna: You’re being a jerk, Marlo.

Marlo: It takes one to snow one.

Anna: You’re sleigh’n it.

While Christmas enjoys popularity throughout the world today, its traditions have fluctuated widely.  In medieval times, the birth of Jesus Christ was a solemn observance with very little feasting or singing.  The Renaissance gave rise to the gift giving, decorating and caroling we enjoy today.  The traditions of tree trimming and mistletoe came from the ancient celebration of Yule, which was adopted into Roman customs along with Christianity.  For this reason, early puritans banned Christmas for nearly 20 years in America.  The true spirit of this holiday is alive today because of our universal love for celebration.  No matter how you keep this tradition, today we wish all you a very merry Christmas. 

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