December 2, 2020 – National Mutt Day | National Fritters Day

Have You Ever Noticed What Most Mutts Have In Common?

Welcome to December 2nd, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate loveable mixes and deep fried comfort.

In the world of dogs, some come with pedigrees and champion bloodlines that win dog shows time and again, and others are…well, mutts. Unlike their purebred cousins, mutts are what Bob Ross would call “happy accidents.” Like the strange Beagle / Doberman hybrid that lived next door to Chris.  Can you imagine a short legged Beagle with a long pointy Doberman snout?  I’m talking about the dog, not Chris, but apparently it was cute and loveable.  And that’s the best thing about mutts is their personalities. On National Mutt Day, celebrate the uniquely weird dogs that make some of the best pets.

While you may just now feel unstuffed from Thanksgiving, there is still room to celebrate all things fried with National Fritters Day.  Fritters come in three types, from a basic dough, to battered vegetables and meats and finally the small cakes of chopped food such as corn.  Just about anything can be frittered from flowers to fruit and almost every culture has a tasty version.  Frying food in oil has been around for thousands of years, but the technique of batter frying was introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese in the late 16th century.  This culinary inspiration spread to Japan, where it became known as tempura. Throughout the world from French beignets to Indian pakoras, fritters are synonymous with comfort. No matter what language you speak, on National Fritters Day your tummy will find room for this extra bit of joy.  

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