December 13, 2020 – National Violin Day | National Hot Cocoa Day

Do You Know What The Most Expensive Violins Sell For?

Welcome to December 13th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate illustrious instruments and a quick fix for the chill of winter.

During his lifetime, Antonio Stradivari crafted about 1,100 stringed instruments and his violins became the gold standard among musicians and composers. It’s estimated that about 500 of these rare instruments still exist and they are extremely valuable. In 2011, a Stradivarius nicknamed Lady Blunt was purchased for nearly $16 million. Another, nicknamed “the Messiah,” is in pristine condition and is so priceless that no one’s even allowed to play it. It’s locked in a climate-controlled case in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. My own violin is moldering in its grave because I accidentally stepped on, thus ending my career.  On National Violin Day, enjoy some beautiful violin music played by an expert.

On National Hot Cocoa Day we celebrate the convenience of a beverage made with cocoa powder, sugar, hot water or milk and perhaps some whipped cream or marshmallows.  Thousands of years ago this process took much longer when the Aztecs roasted the fruit of the cacao tree and ground it with water, chilies and even corn. They didn’t understand the health benefits, but they knew it packed a punch, and soldiers drank several cups before battle.  The recipe changed over the years but the tradition carried on and hot chocolate was even given to troops during the Revolutionary War as medicine and wages.  Thanks to a Dutch chemist who separated out the cocoa butter, the powder could be mixed for a handy, packable drink.  On National Hot Cocoa Day, celebrate the instant pleasure of a long standing tradition. 

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