December 1, 2020 – World Trick Shot Day | National Day of Giving

Have You Heard Of The Highest Slam Dunk?

Welcome to December 1st, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate trick shots and the power of giving.

The Harlem Globetrotters basketball team practically wrote the book on trick shots, making near-impossible baskets in every way imaginable. And when it comes to slam dunks, there’s nobody better than Globetrotter Hammer Harrison. In 2019, he successfully completed the highest slam dunk ever. Now, you’re probably thinking—yeah, yeah—I’ve seen plenty of slam dunks before. Trust us when we say you haven’t. Harrison skydived from a plane that was 13,000 feet in the air and, as he floated in on his parachute, he slammed home a dunk just before landing. Take that, Lebron! On World Trick Shot Dayyou may not have access to a plane, but we bet that you can still drive your opponent crazy in your own game of HORSE. 

Every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving we celebrate the National Day of Giving. Known on social media as #GivingTuesday this day celebrates the spirit of expressing our gratitude with action.  Perhaps the blur of hunting for deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday has already given you a mental workout.  Today we invite you to pause for a moment to consider your own good fortune. It’s a gift that may not seem obvious at first, as we all feel consumed by our own needs and struggles. But the act of giving always holds the key to finding a silver lining and on National Giving Tuesday no act of kindness or charity is too small to count for those who are truly in need.  

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