August 8, 2020 – National Dollar Day | Global Sleep Under The Stars Night

What Can You See Tonight in the Night Sky? Check Out This Brand New Celebration!

Welcome to  August 8th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate our curious currency and a night with the stars.  

Unless your name is Carmen San Diego, every one of the bills in your wallet has out-traveled you. $1 and $5 bills exchange hands at least 110 times every year. And because they are passed around so frequently, they have fairly short lifespans. A $1 bill only lasts about 6 years, but a $100 bill can last up to 15 years. Most paper would tear or fade from all that use, but that doesn’t happen to US bills because the paper is an exclusive blend of cotton and linen. In fact, both the paper and the ink are only used by the US Treasury and the formula for making each is a closely guarded secret. That dollar bill doesn’t seem so ordinary now, does it? On National Dollar Day, we celebrate our nation’s currency and of course, wish that we all had more of it.

Whether it’s in the backcountry or your own backyard, one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors is to spend a night under the stars.  On Global Sleep Under the Stars Night we invite you to witness the unique light show of the Perseid meteor showers, which can now be seen in the sky’s northeast, especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. And if you choose to celebrate this brand new tradition you can count yourself as part of the global community, who will all be gazing up!  So grab a blanket and head to the rooftop, pitch a tent on the patio or simply open the moonroof of your favorite ride.  Counting shooting stars may not put you to sleep, but it will surely ignite your childlike wonder no matter what your age.   

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