August 7, 2020 – Purple Heart Day | National Water Balloon Day

Water Balloons May Be The Best Way to Cool Down and Celebrate A Clean Fight!

Welcome to  August 7th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate valor and a clean fight.  

Purple Heart Day honors those extraordinary men and women who are of the Military Order of The Purple Heart.  General George Washington first created the Badge of Merit in 1782, which was given to six military soldiers during the Revolutionary War.  In 1944, the modern day Purple Heart, which bears Washington’s image was awarded to General Douglas MacArthur, who helped change the requirements that limit the award to only those wounded or killed in combat.  Today it is estimated that the oldest military honor has been bestowed on nearly 1.9 million people since its creation.  On Purple Heart Day we thank all those who have dedicated their lives in service to our country.  

Today, we’re encouraging you to start a fight—but don’t worry. We’re talking about the water balloon kind. While having someone dump water on you or even hit you with a projectile is usually frowned upon, water balloons are the exception. On a hot summer day, a splash of cold water is a small price to pay for being pelted by a friend. Round up a group of people, fill some balloons, and start throwing. If you want to crank up the excitement, get a group of friends together and stage an all-out water war. Fill up buckets with water balloons, arm yourself with water pistols, and let the games begin as you celebrate National Water Balloon Day. The only catch is to make sure your targets agree to the battle, or else you may have a real fight on your hands.

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