August 4, 2020 – National Coast Guard Day | National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Just What is the Prize For Creating the Nation’s Most Popular Cookie?

Welcome to  August 4th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the keepers of the coast and a classic cookie. 

In 1790, President George Washington established the Revenue Cutter Service in order to enforce the Tariff Act. The 10 ships protected United States waters and were the only line of defense on the open seas until the US Navy was created eight years later. In 1915, the military branch was officially renamed the Coast Guard, and its responsibilities grew from enforcing maritime law to also saving lives at sea. Today, the Coast Guard protects more than 100,000 miles of US coastline and waterways, as well as safeguarding waters vital to America’s economic interests. That area is over 4.5 million square miles and spans nine time zones. On National Coast Guard Day, we salute the brave men and women who are always ready to keep our shores safe. Semper Paratus!

Ruth Wakefield and her husband Kenneth owned the Toll House Inn and when Ruth added chunks of semisweet chocolate to her butterscotch cookie dough the Toll House Crunch Cookie was born.  Nestle offered her a lifetime supply of chocolate in exchange for the recipe, which they printed on the back of every bar.   But things really heated up when the recipe was published in a 1938 cookbook and families from Massachusetts baked the cookies for their GIs during World War II.  Stationed around the globe, these soldiers shared their care package cookies and requests for the recipe came pouring into the Toll House mailbox. On National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day celebrate the sweet success of one smart cookie! 

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