August 3, 2020 – National Grab Some Nuts Day | National Watermelon Day

Can Your Believe Our Favorite Snacks Have Been Around for Thousands of Years?

Welcome to  August 3rd, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate grab and go protein and juicy fruit. 

For thousands of years we have enjoyed the convenience of some protein on the go in a handful of nuts. Word has it that walnuts have been picked from trees since 7000 BC; the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon supposedly had dozens of pistachio trees; and ancient Greeks used hazelnuts for medicinal purposes—they believed the nut could actually cure baldness. Here in America, the most popular nut is not actually a nut at all. As much as we love peanuts, it may surprise you to know that it’s technically a legume. No matter what variety you prefer, a small serving of nuts packs a lot of protein and healthy fats. On National Grab Some Nuts Day, celebrate this healthy snack on the go or settle in for some mixed nuts for a party in a can.

If you’re feeling the heat of the dog days of Summer then you will appreciate National Watermelon Day.  This fruit has long been prized for its refreshing quality and contains about 92 percent water.  While today’s watermelons are juicy and sweet, ranging from bright red and seedless to yellow, orange and white, wild melons were bitter and tasteless. That’s the reason we believe that ancient cultures began cultivating the flowering vine as soon as they discovered the thirst quenching kind.  There were even seeds and art depicting watermelons in the tombs of pharaohs, though the melon reached its full potential in recent times.  The Guiness Book of World Records boasts the heaviest grown watermelon at 262 pounds.  That’s enough refreshment for a whole village!  On National Watermelon Day, celebrate the sweet success of this fruit that knows how to beat the heat.   

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