August 29, 2020 – National Catfish Month | National Chop Suey Day

What’s For Dinner? Here’s A Few Choices To Mix Things Up!

Welcome to  August 29th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we sort out some culinary misconceptions.  

If you like Southern food, then you know how good fried catfish can be. Some people avoid it because they think it’s too “fishy” tasting, but if catfish has that flavor, it’s because it hasn’t been prepared properly. To start, you’ve got to soak the fillets in milk for at least an hour, which takes away the fishiness. From there you season and bread the fillet, fry it, and—bam—you’ve got yourself great catfish, friend. Add some traditional sides like black-eyed peas, corn bread, or mac and cheese, and enjoy. During National Catfish Month, it’s easier than you think to celebrate Southern style.

Alan Davidson calls the origin of chop suey a prime example of culinary mythology.  It is believed that the name means “assorted pieces” and this name fits the hodge podge of myths surrounding its creation.  Though the Chinese do not claim the dish, they are usually at the heart of its stories, ranging back to an 1860s Chinese cook in San Francisco, CA. The chef was called upon to serve something to drunken miners after hours. As he had nothing fresh to offer, he combined leftovers and served a makeshift meal which went over so well with the customers that they demanded a name for this new dish.  It is reported that he replied: “chop suey” though no one realized it meant odds and ends.  On National Chop Suey Day celebrate the delicious combination of flavors that piece together our love of chinese cuisine.  

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