August 27, 2020 – National Pots De Creme Day | National Just Because Day

Is There Something You’ve Been Meaning to Do, But You Just Haven’t Gotten Around To It? Today is Your Day!

Welcome to  August 27th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate life’s rich rewards and doing things “just because.”  

Pots of cream may not sound delicious but pot de creme deserves its own celebration.  Think of it as a cousin to crème brûlée.  Both are made with simple ingredients of cream, eggs and flavorings which are baked in individual ramekins or pots for a super rich and creamy flavor.  Today most people think of pot de creme as a chocolate dessert though its texture is close to a vanilla custard. Interestingly, the French have no word for custard which has been around since the Middle Ages.  In those days it was used to fill pies and tarts or “crustade”, and the name became attached to its original use. By the 17th century  people realized that the cream was the best part anyway and pots of cream became a dessert on their own.  On National Pots De Creme Day celebrate getting to the good stuff and serve this decadent dessert with a Viva la creme!  

Sometimes you just have to say “to heck with it” and do whatever you want. Is there something you’ve been putting off, saying “Someday I’ll get to that.” National Just Because Day is the chance to do something fun, something outrageous, something that you wouldn’t normally do. Or maybe you wanna veg out and binge on your new favorite show, or sing in the shower. Heck, sing in the car at the top of your lungs. Treat yourself to a fantastic, “anything goes kind of day”. Well, anything within reason. After all, tomorrow is a normal day and you don’t need any trouble to follow you back into real life. 

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