August 22, 2020 – National Bao Day | National Tooth Fairy Day

Just When Did Fairies Begin Their Dental Intervention?

Welcome to  August 22nd, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate supernatural dental assistants and taking a bao.  

It seems that fairies took an interest in children’s health education beginning in the 1920s. Although no one is quite sure how this magical intervention came about, the playwright Esther Watkins Arnold created quite a stir when she printed her small play: The Tooth Fairy.  Reports of these tooth fairies popped up everywhere after that, as kids tucked their lost teeth under pillows only to find money had been exchanged while they slept.  These supernatural sightings have been a phenomenon ever since and had quite an effect on the economy, not to mention kids’ imagination. On National Tooth Fairy Day celebrate this magic with a trip to the ATM in hopes of helping out the benign fairy folk.

Anna: Marlo, have you ever had bao?

Marlo: You mean like take a bow on stage?

Anna: No, I mean the food. Bao. B-A-O. They’re Chinese pork buns.

Marlo: Pork buns? Now you have my attention.

Anna: Actually, they’re not always filled with pork. There are lots of different fillings, but all bao are steamed—in bamboo baskets if they’re made in the traditional way.

Marlo: That actually sounds delicious.

Anna: Good! Because it’s National Bao Day and we should order some for lunch.

John: Well done, Anna. You should take a bow for that performance.

Anna: That was awful. You’re not invited to lunch.

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