August 2, 2020 – National Coloring Book Day | National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Remember When Coloring Was Your Favorite Pastime? Guess What – It’s Still Calling Your Name!

Welcome to  August 2nd, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate coloring outside the lines and a sweet sandwich. 

There’s an easy way to tell which kids are the conformists and which are the rebels. Give them a coloring book. Some will carefully go over each picture, staying inside the lines and making sure that no colors overlap. Then there are the kids who attack the page with such zest for life that they create works of modern art. Whichever side of the fence they fall on, everyone can agree that coloring books are awesome. There’s no better way to spend a rainy afternoon than plopping down on the floor with a stack coloring books and a box of crayons. Come on adults, you know it sounds like fun too, not to mention a great way to relieve stress. Skip the date with your TV and color outside the lines on National Coloring Book Day.  

If you’re a fan of the ice cream sandwich you can thank a push cart salesman, who invented the treat in 1899. Though his name remains a mystery, it’s believed that this crafty entrepreneur peddled the first ice cream sandwich for 1 cent in the Bowery neighborhood of New York City. Soon copycat carts popped up everywhere, and by the 1940s ice cream sandwiched between two wafers were sold in grocery stores across the country. Today even high end restaurants offer a gourmet version of this delicious dessert. Certain brands make almost 100,000 sandwiches a week and it’s estimated that around 50 percent of all ice cream sandwiches are consumed on the Eastern Seaboard.  On National Ice Cream Sandwich Day celebrate your own tasty version of this perfect Summertime mashup 

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