August 13, 2020 – National Filet Mignon Day | International Left Handers Day

How Many Famous Lefties Can You Name? Today We Celebrate Southpaws and “Cute Steaks.”

Welcome to  August 13th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate left handed compliments and Southpaw celebrities.  

If you‘ve ever wondered, “Where’s the beef” after being served a filet mignon, then it’s probably not the steak for you.  Mignon means “cute” in French and while it offers the most quality cut of the tenderloin, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  While the French are well known for small portions, their word for this same cut is “filet de boeuf” and filet mignon refers to tenderloin of pork.  Here in the states the author O. Henry first used the term to describe a steak in his book “The Four Million.”  This author was known for his romantic flair as well as stories with a plot twist, and we can imagine his ironic turn of phrase upon being served a small, well crafted steak.  Apparently in 1906 it was more polite to say “Ah, filet mignon” than “Where’s the Beef?”  On National Filet Mignon Day, don’t get too cute with the waiter, after all this beef is delicious.

In ancient times, being a lefty was associated with witchcraft. Joan of Arc was supposedly burned at the stake for being left handed. The left was associated with evil and the word sinister actually means on the left. But fear not. Being a Southpaw does have its advantages. In baseball, left handed batters are one step closer to first base and considered very important. Eight United States Presidents were left handed. So was Einstein, Mark Twain, Beethoven, Oprah and Bill Gates.  With only ten percent of our population being left handed, chances are good that being a lefty means you’re in good company. On International Left Handers Day, celebrate the difference that could make all the difference 

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