August 12, 2020 – National Vinyl Record Day | National Middle Child Day

Can You Name the Most Expensive Vinyl Record Ever Sold?

Welcome to  August 12th, 2020 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate taking our favorite tunes for a spin and the kids who get stuck in the middle.  

If you’re still hanging on to the vinyl records you have likely been collecting since childhood, then you are not alone. And if you’re catching any grief from family and friends for the space this takes up, you can let them know that the largest record collection contains more than one million LPs.   Vinyl record sales are on the rise and fans know they are even more valuable than the cds that replaced them.  For audiophiles there is no better sound than the distinct classic quality of a vintage record.  And for collectors it’s probably no surprise that of the top ten most expensive vinyls ever sold, five of them were produced by the Beatles, with The White Album fetching a whopping $790,000.  On National Vinyl Record Day give your records a spin and celebrate a sound that still makes you rock around the clock.   

Anna: Marlo, here’s a list of three famous people. I want you to tell me what they have in common.

Marlo: Okay. Shoot.

Anna: David Letterman, Britney Spears, and Abraham Lincoln. 

Marlo: Uh… they’re all… I got nothin.

Anna: They’re all middle children.

Marlo: I would’ve never guessed that.

Anna: It makes sense. Middle children often feel overlooked by their parents, so they tend to be more adventurous and seek attention. That means a lot of middle children grow up to be very driven individuals. On National Middle Child Day, give a little extra attention to the kids who rarely get to be in the spotlight. 

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