April 23, 2020 – National Cherry CheesecakeDay |National Talk Like Shakespeare Day

Transcript for April 23rd

Welcome to April 23rd, 2020 as we bridge the social distance on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate the rich and delicious and a turn of phrase from our favorite Bard.  More after the break from Marlo Anderson.

New York City is famous for many foods: Pizza, bagels, black and white cookies… but one of the most delicious is cheesecake. Cheesecake has been around since the Ancient Greeks, but the version we know and love was perfected in the early 1900s by German immigrant Arnold Reuben. If his last name sounds familiar, it’s because he also invented the deli sandwich the Reuben. One guy responsible for both of these amazing menu items? He’s practically the Thomas Edison of food! On National Cherry Cheesecake Day celebrate one of life’s rich rewards from the heart of the Big Apple. 

Anna: Valorous morning! Prithee hark to me, mine own audience! I bid thee enjoyeth the tale of…

Marlo: What is going on with you? Did you get hit on the head?

Anna: No! Today is National Talk Like Shakespeare Day! People know him for his plays and sonnets, but did you know he also invented phrases like “What’s done is done” and “All that glitters isn’t gold”?

Marlo: So then is there something in your coffee?

Anna: Sir, thou art a roguish swag-bellied scullion!

Marlo: Uh… Was that supposed to be an insult?

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