April 22, 2021 – National Earth Day | National Jelly Bean Day

Did You Know There Is A Portrait Of Ronald Reagan Made Of Jelly Beans At The Jelly Belly Headquarters?

Welcome to April 22, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate the big blue ball and an all American treat. 

In 1969, the idea of Earth Day was established at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, CA. By March of the following year the United Nations signed a sanctioned proclamation and another month later, on April 22, 1970, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded National Earth Day. Today we encourage you to get outside and pause to listen to the sounds of a very different world.  This beautiful home that holds us all is reason enough to celebrate every day.  

Lots of innovations have come about during wartime. Jet engines, duct tape, digital cameras…Even candy. During the early days of the US Civil War, William Schrafft of Boston was working on creating a new type of sweet. He wanted to create something chewy that could be easily shipped and stored. Jellied candy such as Turkish Delights had been popular for centuries but it was sticky and didn’t travel well. Then he got the idea to add a hard coating, similar to the one used on Marcona almonds. And—viola—the jelly bean was born. This new candy soon became a popular treat to send to Union soldiers. And civilians were pretty excited about them too. On National Jelly Bean Day, enjoy a handful of these colorful, all-American sweets.

I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.

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