April 20, 2020 – National Cheddar Fries Day | National Look Alike Day

Transcript for April 20th

Welcome to April 20th, 2020 as we bridge the social distance on the National Day Calendar.  Today we celebrate the superstars who need no introduction. More after the break from Marlo Anderson.

Here at the National Daily, we celebrate the lighter side of learning with trivia that brightens your day, but today’s celebration needs no explanation. Just two simple words embody the spirit of joy: “cheddar fries”. And I would personally like to thank the genius who put these two foods together.  I may be the guy who thought of putting a hashtag in front of it, but the whole world knows how to celebrate National Cheddar Fries Day. All you need is french fries, cheddar cheese and an oven.  Enjoy!

“You know who you remind me of?” Hopefully when someone says that, they follow it up with the name of someone attractive. After all, no one wants to hear that they look like Homer Simpson. And some people actually earn a living by posing as their illustrious doppelganger for tourists with a camera. In places like LA and Vegas, these opportunities are a dime a dozen, even if you only vaguely resemble an Elvis or Marilyn.  Celebrate National Look Alike Day by pretending to be more famous than you are and remember: maybe you don’t look like a celebrity. Maybe they look like YOU. Lucky them!

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