April 17, 2021 – National Ellis Island Family History Day | National Cheeseball Day

Chances Are Good That You Have An Ancestor Who Came Through Ellis Island.

Welcome to April 17, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate tracing our family roots and cheesy poems. 

On New Year’s Day in 1892, Ellis Island opened as the point of entry for Europeans coming into the United States. Annie Moore, a 15 year old girl from Ireland, was the first immigrant to enter the country through Ellis Island. She and her two younger brothers began what would become a mass migration from Europe. Over the next few decades, people came to the United States from far and wide. Some were fleeing violence and political upheaval and others were looking to build a new life. By the time Ellis Island closed in 1954, more than 12 million people had come through its facility. It’s impossible to state the impact that this had on the growth and culture of this country. We celebrate National Ellis Island Family History Day by remembering these brave immigrants and tracing our own family histories. 


Oh delicious cheese

Shaped into heavenly globes

Bring me some crackers.

Anna: Did you just make up a haiku about cheese balls?

Marlo: Of course I did. I love cheese balls.

Anna: I don’t know what to say. That’s pretty cheesy, but actually a really nice haiku. Well done.

Marlo: Thank you, Anna. I love cheese, no matter what shape it takes. And today is National Cheeseball Day and National Haiku Poetry Day, so I am celebrating through poetry and of course by eating some cheeseballs.

Anna: You’re a cheeseball.

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